Monday, November 14, 2011

Movie Review: Puss in Boots (PG)

Dreamworks presents "Puss in Boots" and it's NOT Shrek 5. Some may say the company is milking the Shrek phenomenon for all it's worth, "Puss" however is a whole new movie. No references to our favorite green ogre are made. Antonio Banderas pulls off the perfect voice for our feline friend known as Puss... IN BOOTS! As he and his friends Humpty Dumpty and Kitty Soft Paws embark on a magical journey to steal the magic beans from outlaws Jack and Jill, they find that humor, love, and forgiveness goes a long way. Dreamworks did a fantastic job with the humor, timing, and characters. 

No Shrek references
Charming and funny

Little over the top with bathroom humor, but not too bad. It made the smaller kids in the theater laugh, but that's all. 



  1. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! :P thumbs up from Mandee (:

  2. thumbs up from Marissa too! (so i guess that makes it 2 thumbs up total!)
    ha ha